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Tabletweaving is my passion and my profession.

This homepage started as a sales platform for Germany. Since a lot of requests and orders from Great Britain and other european countries reached us, we decided to translate a few relevant pages into english. All braids or trims you see on this page are tabletwoven by myself with great care and passion. I only use specialty yarns.

You will find instructions how to wash and sew up the braids, pictures of garments enhanced with my handwoven treasures. I also give you a little inside what it takes to make a braid ongoing from helping you to decide what braid would suit you best.

Have a look around the different columns, you can order each braid in different materials and colors. E.g. the braid you like best is shown woven in cotton, but you'd rather order it in herbal dyed wool, silk or linen, just let me know and I'll customize it for you. In this case the prices will vary, maybe the production period will enhence a little, but this I will tell you straight away! Short-range orders are my signature feature.

All mentioned prices refer to one meter of the tablet woven braids plus shipping. Minimum order is 1 m and than you can continue in 50 centimeter steps.

How to get in touch or order: simply use the links below to get professional advices or in case you already know what braid you'd like. We get back to you within a few hours and answer your questions or orders. We ship only on advanced payment.

More info and answers you can find at the Wollhex®-FAQ´s


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